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Your company logo. It is the first thing potential clients will see and judge you on. It is very important that the first impression looks professional and purveys the correct values of your company. You only get one chance to create a first impression, so why not make it a good one. IJ Webdesign's logo design service will help you achieve this. IJ Webdesign will supply 3 options and then it is up to you to decide, mix ideas, then final logo.

IJ Webdesign pride ourselves on designing bespoke logos tailored to the client's ideas. IJ Webdesign do not use templates or "off the shelf" options like many cheaper options out there. This way we know that you will have a solid platform to build your brand on. The logo sets the theme for the website so it is important to get it right at the beginning.

We are confident you will not find a better bunch of programmers, so why not get in touch by completing the form below, or telephoning us on 01292 478633 or emailing us directly on

What you get with our package

  • Logo board of 3 bespoke design options based around your brief, and refined until you are happy.
  • Supply of logo in various industry standard formats (vector, jpg, png, pdf).
  • You will own the copyright.

The Process

  1. Send us email using the below form with a brief outline of your requirements.
  2. We will supply a logo board with 3 concepts based around your requirements.
  3. One of the options will be revised until you are happy.
  4. We will supply your logo in various industry standard file formats and you will own the copyright.

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